How to attend CSS Online Free Seminar Live on Mobile/Computer

 In order to fix software downloading and ID making Issues to attend the seminar, we have launched a new procedure.

Note: Just copy the links (That we will send you via email) and paste it in your browser, it will automatically download the software and there is no need to make ID. It will connect you to class(we recommend that you must use internet explorer)

Link for Computer/Laptop users : Text us to get the link

Link for Android users:     Text us to get the link

Link for Iphone Users: Text us to get the link

After installing the software just text us at this number with your name,city and email address @ 03103204555, 0335-9555625,  0304-9802101 so that we can register you in the final list.

Note: Only those students will be allowed to attend the seminar who will confirm us a day before the seminar by text message @ 0335-9555625, 03049802101, 03103204555

Fee details Note:  Seminar/introductory class and first Three classes(Trial) are free but after that if you want to join regular sessions, you have to submit the dues first. For Fee details feel free to call our official numbers

Class details :

                   Dear students, we will provide you an application software that you can install in your android phone or laptop. This software provide HD voice, white board facility (whatever teacher will write on his laptop screen, it will be shown on your mobile screen or your laptop screen. You will feel that you are just sitting in class room. This is unique feature that we are pioneer to introduce throughout Pakistan.