Pakistan Affairs MCQs Quiz

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1. Jinnah joined Indian National Congress in —— &  All India Muslim League in—-


2. First Vice Chancellor of Aligarh University was :


3. Who was viceroy at time of partition of Bengal :


4. NWFP was given status of province in :


5. The partition of Bengal was annulled by King George-V and Queen Marry on:


6. First President of All India Muslim League was :


7. Sir Agha Khan III was born in Karachi and was buried in :


8. Mohammad Ali Johr wrote  “The Green Book” which was:


9. First session of ML held in Karachi 31st Dec: 1907 was presided over by :


10. Quaid-i- Azam  joined ML on: 


11. Muslim Aligargh University was established in :


12. Jinnah got admission in ————- at the age of 10 and studied for 5 ½ months


13. Poonja Jinnah was born in 1850 and married to: 


14. Allama Iqbal was elected as a member of Punjab Legislative Assembly in 1926 and chosen president of ML in :


15. Boundary line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called :


16. Quaid-e- Azam resigned from Congress in:


17. The original name of Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk was :


18. National Flower of Pakistan is :


19. Liquat Nehru Pact was signed on :


20. Pakistan is sharing its western boarder with Afghanistan named:


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