Faculty Members

1.   Mr. Asghar Ali  Mayo (Office Management Group, CSS-2008)
2.  Dr. Shahid Mehmood (Pakistan Administrative Service, CSS-2009)
3.  G.M Watoo (Inland Revenue Service, CSS-2011)
4.  Mr. Muhammad Azhar Khan (Police Service of Pakistan,CSS-2013

Teaching Faculty (Compulsory Subjects)                                                                           
 1.  Dr. Zeshan Nadeem (PMS-2016)
2.   Dr. Asad Naeem (Office Management Group, CSS-2013)
3.   Madam Afifa Shajia (Pakistan Administrative Service, CSS-2013)
4.   Dr. Awais Zafar (Foreign Service of Pakistan, CSS-2013)
5.   Dr. Muhammad Irfan (SJM) 
6.   Mr.Sameer Baig (Foreign Service of Pakistan, CSS-2013)
7.   Mr.Aamir Aslam (Inland Revenue Service, CSS-2013)
8.   Dr. Hassaan Tariq (Pakistan Administrative Service, CSS-2015)