CSS Examination Structure

Parts of CSS Examination                                                                   
  CSS Written Examination ———————(1200 Marks, 12 papers)
  Psychological Assessment + Viva Voce———–(300 Marks)

Note: Viva will be conducted if the candidate passes the written examination
Written Examination is further divided into two categories

  •  Compulsory Subjects
  •  Optional Subjects
    Compulsory Subjects
  •  English Essay (100 marks)
  •  English Precis and Composition (100 marks)
  •  Pakistan Affairs (100 marks)
  •  Islamic Studies (100 marks)
  •  Current Affairs (100 marks)
  •  General Science & Ability (100 marks)

         Optional Subjects
There are 49 optional subjects and you have to choose 600 marks subjects of your own choice according rule           given in each group of subjects