This is official website of CSS Competition Zone Pakistan (CSS CZP) an online CSS  academy.  The website also contains many examples from texts written by students using this forum. CZP takes no responsibility for errors made by students, either in interpreting original content or acknowledging the original source. Moreover, our management is striving hard to provide the CSS Aspirants a quality material either composed or gathered from different sources. We have official contact numbers 0304-9802101/0310-3204555/0335-9555625. If any student receives call from any other number, its neither related to CZP nor we have given copy rights to any one to use our academy name. Furthermore, we offer free Seminar (orientation class of css) and subsequent at least three trial classes as per policy of our institution. Students are told in advance by the admin officers that they have to pay for regular session as per prescribed fee. We have no policy of refunding the fee. So, no one can claim for it. Fee is submitted by the students as per their consent and after taking the trial classes, subject to their satisfaction. We do not force any student to do the same, rather it is in the best interest of the css aspirants that they use to attend online css classes while sitting at their home.


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